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Anagen Assist Treatment - Unlabelled

$ 45.00

Experience salon quality at home using the professionals best kept secret.


Whoops! It looks like your favorite treatment is selling faster than expected and we have run out of labels. Until we get our labels back in stock you can still get your bottle of Anagen Treatment unlabelled. We have even knocked $4.95 off the retail price just until our labels come in. Take advantage of our mistake and save!

Unlock Salon-Quality Hair at Home with Anagen Assist Treatment

Transform Your Hair Care Routine

Introducing Anagen Assist Treatment – a revolutionary hair care solution designed to deeply treat your hair and scalp. This advanced formula smooths and repairs the cuticle layer, re-stimulates hair growth, and strengthens existing hair, delivering the luxurious results of an in-salon treatment right in the comfort of your own home.

Why Choose Anagen Assist Treatment?

Expertly Developed:

  • Cuticle Layer Repair: Smooths and repairs the hair’s cuticle layer, restoring its natural strength and shine.
  • Hair Follicle Re-Activators: Stimulate hair growth at the scalp, revitalizing hair follicles for thicker, healthier hair.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Designed to offer the same luxurious, long-lasting effects as an expensive in-salon treatment.


Inspired by Stylists: Created by professional stylists who understand the damage caused by coloring, bleaching, and extensions, Anagen Assist Treatment is formulated to counteract these negative effects. It's the ultimate solution for anyone looking to repair and rejuvenate their hair.

Luxurious Experience: Anagen Assist Treatment doesn’t just repair; it pampers. Experience the sensation of a high-end salon treatment with every application. Feel the difference as your hair becomes more manageable, radiant, and full of life.

Key Benefits:

  • Stimulates Fast Hair Growth: Re-awakens dormant hair follicles to promote rapid growth.
  • Strengthens Existing Hair: Fortifies each strand, reducing breakage and improving resilience.
  • Deep Conditioning: Provides intense hydration and nourishment, leaving hair silky smooth.
  • Protects and Revives: Shields hair from further damage while restoring its natural beauty.

For All Hair Types: Whether your hair has been damaged by chemical treatments, heat styling, or environmental factors, Anagen Assist Treatment is your go-to solution for restoring thickness, health, and shine.

How to Use:

Apply Anagen Assist Treatment to clean, towel-dried hair. Distribute evenly from scalp to ends, massage into scalp, and comb through. For a quick treatment, leave in for 5 minutes before rinsing. For deeper conditioning, leave in for 15 minutes. Use regularly for best results.

Get the Hair You've Always Dreamed Of

Reclaim your beautiful, thick, and healthy hair with Anagen Assist Treatment. Say goodbye to damaged, unruly hair and hello to a luscious, revitalized mane. Treat yourself to the salon-quality care you deserve, every day. Try Anagen Assist Treatment now and see the transformation for yourself!


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    This product is life changing!!!

    After having lost quite a substantial amount of hair due to stress and colouring my hair for the past 20 years I was in desperate need of help.
    After a month of using this treatment my hair started regrowing. Then over subsequent months the condition started improving. I now have restored my hairs thickness and it is the softest, healthiest it has ever been. This product is THE BEST conditioner and treatment I have ever used and I have tried many :)

    Best of the best

    This is one of the best treatment i have ever used. After wash and hair drying, my hair goes as smooth as silk. could not love it more...need to stock more

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