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Anagen Shampoo and Treatment Bundle


$ 79.00

Experience salon quality at home using the professionals best kept secret.


Whoops! It looks like your favorite treatment is selling faster than expected and we have run out of labels. Until we get our labels back in stock you can still get your bottle of Anagen Treatment unlabelled. We have even knocked $4.95 off the retail price of this bundle (usually $83.95) just until our labels come in. Take advantage of our mistake and save!

Unlock the Ultimate Hair Transformation with Anagen Assist Bundle

Experience the Power of Two Revolutionary Products

Introducing the Anagen Assist Shampoo and Treatment bundle – a dynamic duo designed to bring out the best in your hair. Together, they work to stimulate growth, strengthen strands, and deliver luxurious, salon-quality results right at home.

Why Choose the Anagen Assist Bundle?

Anagen Assist Shampoo:

  • Keratin Protein: Fortifies and strengthens your hair, reducing breakage and promoting resilience.
  • Hair Follicle Re-Activators: Stimulate hair growth, giving you thicker, healthier hair.
  • Rich Lather: Cleanses deeply, leaving your hair clean, silky smooth, and ready for conditioning.

Anagen Assist Treatment:

  • Deep Conditioning: Smooths and repairs the cuticle layer, providing intense hydration and nourishment.
  • Hair Follicle Re-Activators: Re-stimulate hair growth at the scalp, strengthening and protecting existing hair.
  • Luxurious In-Salon Results: Enjoy the long-lasting effects of a high-end salon treatment without leaving your home.

Combined Benefits:

  • Stimulate and Strengthen: Promote thick, healthy hair growth while reinforcing each strand.
  • Repair and Protect: Counteract damage from styling, coloring, and environmental factors.
  • Salon-Quality Care: Achieve professional-level results with every use.

Special Offer: Purchased separately, these two powerhouse products have a combined value of $94.90. But when you buy them together, you save over $10! It’s the perfect way to invest in the health and beauty of your hair without breaking the bank.

How to Use:

Start with Anagen Assist Shampoo to cleanse and prepare your hair, then follow with Anagen Assist Treatment for deep conditioning and repair. Together, they provide a comprehensive hair care routine that delivers outstanding results.

Transform Your Hair Today

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your hair. With the Anagen Assist Shampoo and Treatment bundle, you can enjoy the benefits of thicker, stronger, and more beautiful hair. Experience the ultimate transformation and unlock the true potential of your hair. Order now and see the difference for yourself!

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