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Anagen Shampoo and Treatment Bundle


$ 79.00

Experience salon quality at home using the professionals best kept secret.


Whoops! It looks like your favorite treatment is selling faster than expected and we have run out of labels. Until we get our labels back in stock you can still get your bottle of Anagen Treatment unlabelled. We have even knocked $4.95 off the retail price of this bundle (usually $83.95) just until our labels come in. Take advantage of our mistake and save!

Feel the combined power of these two fantastic products.

Anagen Assist Shampoo contains Keratin Protein and Hair Follicle Re-activators which are designed to stimulate and promote thick healthy strong hair. This complex formulation will give you a rich lather leaving your hair clean and silky smooth on rinsing, ready for conditioning.

Anagen Assist Treatment will deeply treat your hair and scalp by smoothing and repairing the cuticle layer of the hair. Hair follicle re-activators re-stimulate hair growth on the scalp whilst strengthening and protecting existing hair. Anagen Treatment offers you the same feeling and long-lasting results of a luxurious in-salon treatment.

Bought separately these two products have a combined value of $94.90. Save over $10 when purchased together.

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