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Tis the Season to be Stylish

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…with the New Year only around the corner, 2018 calls for New Hair, a New Resolution to Life and a New You.

From Selena Gomez’s Blonde Bob to Chrissy Teigans Bangin’ Bangs, some of our most influential beauty gurus and icons are spicing their Do’s up for the New Year ahead, which only means you should too!

So, what’s trending going into 2018? Will the 80’s revival of perms come back into fashion? Or, will the man bun turn into man piggy tails? Let’s hope not!

Today, people are finally starting to visualize their look as a whole, with the right hair, makeup, wardrobe and accessories being styled together to create a beautifully balanced appearance.

As hair stylists, the most common question we get asked is “What is in Fashion?” Well, I can say from a stylist’s perspective, that whatever works for you, is very much in fashion! Shape, colour, movement, texture and volume are all carefully tailored by your stylist to suit your personal wishes and unique self.

Placing your trust in a worthy stylist is just as great as placing your trust in a parachute while sky diving. The answer to this question is simple. Healthy hair. That is what’s in this coming year. By showering your hair with love, the right products and the right stylist, it will reward you.

The power of a new hair style can be so uplifting, especially when wanting a fresh start to the New Year ahead. With New Years resolutions usually being based around health and happiness, why not make healthy hair a priority in 2018?

Working hands on in a salon, everyday we are faced with clients who are faced with the damaging effects of bleaching, wear and tear from extensions and ultimately, tired, stressed hair.

Our SERICO range going into the New Year, aspires to rejuvenate and restore the hair of individuals through the natural power of Anagen, peptide and Stem Cell technologies. Healthy, silky hair is the most stylish look any one can pull off, with enough care, love and the right products.


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