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A. TRUNKSHOW, Loeffler Randall, Elodie Beaded Bow Barrette, $160
B. GUCCI, Crystal Gucci Hair Comb, $290
C. SHEIN, Faux Pearl Decor Hair Snap Clip 2pack, $5.95
D. VALET, Monique set of two crystal embellished canvas hair clips, $95
E. SPORTSGIRL, Shell Hair Clip, $16.95
F. VALET, Greta Clip in Purple Glitter, $40
G. MARGHERITA, Belle Set of Two Hair Clips, $85
H. VALET, Jemima Clip in Blush Tortoiseshell, $45
I. SPORTSGIRL, Pink Beaded Hair Clip, $16.95
J. CULT GAIA, Large Acrylic Hair Clip in Blue, $45.74
K. SPORTSGIRL, LOVE Diamante Hair Clip, $14.95
L. EPONA VALLEY, To The Stars 14K Gold-Plated Barrette, $140
M. SPORTSFIRL, Mixed Material Hair Clip Pack, $19.95
N. VALET, Kelly Clips in Tortoiseshell, $40


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